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There are 200 bicycles stored here in the UMC airplane hanger in the Congolese city of Lubumbashi located in the Southern Congo Episcopal Area. Two hundred tribal language bibles plus these 200 bikes will soon be shipped to the five annual

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Motorbikes, Bikes Revitalize Ministry in Sierra Leone

This is an article from UM Communication which was featured on the UMC website about the Bikes and Bibles ministry as it was applied in 2015 in Sierra Leone, a West African country and Annual Conference.  The article can be

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Central conferences depend on local pastors

This is a great article written by UM Communications and featured on the UMC website. The article is about local pastors in Africa – the kind of pastors provided bikes and bibles. The article tells of one such pastor who

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Rev. Rurel Ausley’s Sermon

Congo Trip 2015 | Rurel Ausley from Crosspoint on Vimeo. Rev. Rurel Ausley’s sermon/report to his congregation at Crosspoint UMC about the church construction and bike and bible distribution in North Katanga Annual Conference, the largest in the UMC.

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Local Pastor in Sierra Leone

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Zambia Annual Conference

These photos are from Zambia Annual Conference (a country south of the Congo, but a part of the Southern Congo Episcopal Area). Notice the bikes loaded on the large truck headed for the Annual Conference meeting.

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2015 Distribution of Bikes and Bibles in Liberia

Table with bibles in local language distributed to the district superintendents for delivery to their pastors. Bishop John Innis prays over the bible distribution and the bike distribution. Also, the white packages are boxes of 4 bicycles each to be carried

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Pastors and their Bicycles

            In June 2013, we took these pictures at a pastor training seminar in Kamina, a city in the North Katanga Episcopal Area.

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Committed to the Call

This picture speaks a thousand words to me. The hard work necessary to earn a small amount, for life, for family, for a future. Acceptance of the hand we are dealt, yet hope for tomorrow. A belief that God has

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Bicycle Distribution in North Katanga

Rev. Bobby Gale of the South Georgia Conference Unto the Least of His is Bobby’s ministry. He heard God’s voice as Rev. Kimba Evariste from the Congo and Rev. Wes Griffin on International Leadership Institute (ILI) preached.  Kimba told of local

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