The pastors bike looks like it is in good shape, (light, seat, pedals, chain.) Are those two chickens tied on the back, his “pay” for the week?

The pastor’s bike looks like it is in good shape, (light, seat, pedals, chain). The lay men and women made the bricks to build this church in their community. They place mud in a “press” with a manual-lever-grip to squeeze out water from the mud. After the bricks are dried in the sun, they are placed in an open fire for “baking.” They laid the bricks with a staggered placement. Simple poles support a metal roof of zinc. In rainy season, its very loud inside as the heavy rain beats down. The long green branch from an African tree, hung over the door, means it’s Palm Sunday!

New bikes, Bibles help pastors spread Gospel

With a new bicycle purchased through support from Crosspoint Church, a multi-campus United Methodist congregation in Northwest Florida, he now can get around easily and save travel time. Read More


The primary objective of Bikes and Bibles is to provide utilitarian bicycles and native-language bibles to pastors in Africa’s poorest areas.

This program began in Sierra Leone in March 2014 with the distribution of 40 bicycles and bibles, followed by a distribution of 200 bicycles and bibles in the Southern Congo. Now, about 1,000 bicycles, bibles and dozens of motorcycles have been distributed. Read More

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