Bicycle Distribution in North Katanga

Rev. Bobby Gale of the South Georgia Conference

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Local pastors training with distribution of bicycles by Kimba. North Katanga Episcopal Area.

Unto the Least of His is Bobby’s ministry. He heard God’s voice as Rev. Kimba Evariste from the Congo and Rev. Wes Griffin on International Leadership Institute (ILI) preached.  Kimba told of local pastors with little or and compensation and no bibles. Kimba told of how some pastors cut their bibles so different books could be disbursed to their congregations or shared with other pastors. Bobby responded with a gift of Bicycles and Bibles for the graduates of the next ILI training program in the North Katanga Episcopal Area. Here are the pictures of the distribution.

Bibles are a treasure

Bibles are a treasure

The bibles were presented also and here a grateful class shows off their new bibles.

The ILI training program is headquartered in the North Georgia Conference with a worldwide outreach.


Pretty girls need bikes as they pastor too!

Local pastors in Africa can be women and they can unwrap those wrap-a-round skirts enough to ride.



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