Church Growth Report on the Tappita District of Liberia Annual Conference, UMC

Rev. Victoria Dennis, District Superintendent, Tappita District, LAC/UMC

This is Rev. Victoria Dennis, District Superintendent of the Tappita District in northern region of Liberia. She has been on the road for 6 hours attending to 4 charge conferences within her District. This would not have been possible had the Bike and Bible Ministry not blessed her with a motor bike recently at the 186th Annual Session of the Liberia Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church held in Gbarnga, Bong County, from 4-11 February 2019.

According to her, “I see the deep smiles in the faces of members of my churches, and there is great rejoicing and celebration whenever I visit with them. They are very happy that they can now see their District Superintendent more regularly.  All this is happening because I now have a means of transportation.”

Rev. Dennis further reported that she realizes that she had often reported less membership of her district because, in the past, she could not cover all of the towns and villages in which there are local churches before reporting on her district’s membership. “It was difficult for me to get to all my pastors in time to get their congregations’ membership because of lack of transportation. The bike is helping me to provide more accurate numbers of my District.” She therefore expresses her appreciation, “Praise God for Brother Joe Kilpatrick and all the partners who are helping us to do effective ministry”.

She concluded my conversation with the following request. “You see, some of my congregations are still worshiping in without a suitable place of worship. Please pray along with me for partners to come our way and help us construct some churches to for our people to worship the Lord. The rainy season can be serious embarrassment for us when we have to worship in the open due to lack of place to worship.”

She requested also, “Gasoline is very expensive here. Please pray that I will get gas to go across the district to visit all of my churches and conduct all the training we have plannedWe are grateful to the Bikes and Bible Ministry partners, and to Brother Joe Kilpatrick for coming to our aid.”


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