Executive Summary

Objectives of Bikes and Bibles:

The primary objective is to join Jesus Christ in his ministry of growing the Father’s Kingdom by providing tools that make pastors more effective.

  • Bikes and Bibles provides utilitarian bicycles and native-language bibles to pastors in Methodist/Wesleyan congregations in Africa.
  • Motorcycles are provided to superintendents of local pastors to enhance interactions for increased pastoral education, training, and personal support.
  • Sometimes the distribution of Bikes, Bibles and Motorcycles can be made when pastors meet in worship and training thereby energizing the entire assembly with this visible affirmation of the pastor’s service to God and to his people.

Mission Costs in Africa:

Bicycles usually cost $100 to $125 each and are available from local African retailers and distributors. They are often packaged 4 bikes to a box (200 lbs) unassembled. Many pastors will have the skills to assemble their own bike, but the costs otherwise would be less than $5 locally. The native language bibles are available locally through a national Bible Society at prices from $15 to $25 per copy.  Shipping may cost $25 per box of 4.

  • Bicycles (40 bicycles, $120/each, freight included) $4,800
  • Bibles (40 at $25, freight included) $1,000
  • Indigenous Coordinator, meeting, and travel costs $1,200
  • Budgeted African Expenses for a country, annually $7,000.

The People of Bikes and Bibles:

Local Coordinator: It is important to have a skilled local person “on the ground” in the African country. This is our Country Coordinator. The coordinators are well connected in their area with a strong knowledge of the Methodist/Wesleyan leaders and their local pastors. The local Coordinators manage the funds, purchase the bikes and bibles, and ensure their timely delivery to the conferences and meetings where the pastors selected gather. The Coordinators receive a small stipend for their work.

In the United States, Joe Wesley Kilpatrick leads the work of Bikes and Bibles. Joe is an evangelical Christian, a retired Certified Public Accountant, a life-time UM having served as a delegate to UMC General Conferences in 1988 thru 2019. Joe is a trustee at Asbury Theological Seminary. Joe began travel to Africa in 2006 teaching seminars on denominational polity and financial accountability in numerous countries. He serves Bikes and Bibles as an uncompensated volunteer, one who has seen the needs of some of God’s ministers in Africa.

There is an Advisory Board guiding Joe Kilpatrick’s work with Bikes and Bibles. These volunteers, including Rev. Rurel Ausley, senior pastor of Crosspoint Church in Niceville, Florida, USA, provide knowledge, accountability, and financial underwriting of the USA costs of operations. They support publicity, public relations, fund-raising, website, accounting, administration and the preparation and distribution of literature. Other Board members include Dr. Kimba Evariste of Katanga Providence in the Congo, Dr. Kasap Owan of Southern Congo and Zambia, Dr. Jerry Kulah of Liberia and Rev. Francis Charley of Sierra Leone.

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