Pastors and their Bicycles



In June 2013, we took these pictures at a pastor training seminar in Kamina, a city in the North Katanga Episcopal Area.

Photo taken in Kamina, North Katanga Annual Conference, July

Notice this well worn bike. In the USA it would be on the junk pile. In Africa it is in use.

Photo taken in Kamina, Katanga Province, DRC

Congolese pastor with the workhorse Kinga 4×4 bicycle.

Pastors heads for lunch with an older bike.

Pastors heads for lunch with an older bike. A pedal and the chain guard are missing.

This is the bike!!

A Congolese pastor and his bike – looking good! This is a Kinga 4×4 model bike, the workhorse bike in the Congo and the one provided by Bikes and Bibles. It weighs 50 pounds, all steel, and has a headlight. It also includes a platform for cargo and Mama! The “full” kickstand on the back wheel is best for soft or wet dirt.


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