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Photo taken in Kamina, Katanga Province, DRC

The primary objective of Bikes and Bibles is to provide utilitarian bicycles and native-language bibles to African pastors with limited resources. Pastors in local African villages are often without significant compensation from their congregations. They serve as local pastors, perhaps connected with a denomination, but often earning almost total support as local farmers or tradespeople within the town or village. They rely on small farm plots or gardens to support their family while pastoring in a territory that spans several square miles. Transportation is often by foot or public transportation. A bicycle is a vital tool for ministry connections, for access to a local farm area, for their shopping, carrying water from a public well, and access to schools for family education.

Bibles can be in short supply and are often shared among a congregation’s members, even separated, torn apart, and swapped among families.

$150 for a bike

$25 for a bible

$175 for combination (bike & bible)

$700 for a box of four

$7,000 for an Annual Conference

We buy the bikes and bibles in Africa at costs of $100 to $125 each, plus delivery to the site of presentation. Bicycles are usually packed unassembled, four to a box (200 lbs.) by Asian manufacturers. Pastors assemble their own bike or we have it done for $5 each. We compensate our indigenous coordinators for their work. Bibles are available from local Bible societies. Costs vary between $15 and $25 for a hard copy, local language, edition. English and French are cheaper but less desirable for village ministry. We budget $150 for a bike and $25 for a bible as realistic targets for our supporters. $175 for the combination. $700 for a box of four. $7,000 for an Annual Conference.

How to Give

Bikes and Bibles, Inc. has been determined by the Internal Revenue Service to be a public charity, a 501(c)3 organization. It’s Federal Identification Number is 81-0972106.

This ministry was formerly begun in 2013 as a non-profit operating component of the 501(c)(3) Kilpatrick Charitable Trust. 100% of the funds donated by congregations and individuals goes to Africa for the work of Bikes and Bibles, Inc. Operating costs are born by the officers and directors.

Tax deductible gifts can be mailed directly to Bikes and Bibles, Inc. or online.

Donate online:

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Bikes & Bibles, Inc.
1346 Drayton Woods Drive
Tucker, Georgia 30084

Ways to Take Action

Ask us about our Vacation Bible School Partner program! We will provide flyers, announcements and displays to help you with your VBS mission Project. Bikes and Bibles makes a great project that the kids can relate to!


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